Homework for Thursday 4th


from:GarcĂ­a, Eva

to:Elementary Spanish II - SP 102-1C, Fall 2018

Time Oct. 03, 2018

Dear students,

This is the homework for Thursday. Please, those who could not make it on Tuesday, contact your classmates, because we worked hard the other day, and I am afraid you will have problems to follow us in the next class, if you don't review the contents.

We were working on lesson 6, with the vocabulary about the daily life. And we learn some irregular verbs gathered in these groups:

1) E changes into IE

2) E changes into I

3) Problems in the person "Yo" (-go, -oy, and the verb "ver")

4) O changes into UE

5) Verbs with several changes, like "tener"

5) Some very irregular verbs: ir, ser...

The document I sent you yesterday is a summary of all the types of irregularities you can find in Spanish for the present tense. The idea if you try to follow the patterns of those changes we have already studied (not the rest) and check your answers with the other document, the one with the solutions. Do it ten minutes a day, until you know it by heart. It is impossible to learn it the day before the tests and other assignments. The composition 1 is coming....Check the syllabus and study for it, please!!!!

That document is something you can work about on your own pace, you don't need to show it to me. But the homework we will review in class is the following (page_exercise):


154 and 155_ 15, 16, 17, 18 (it is just conjugation, nothing different from what I have just told you).

Remember I have office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:05, when you have your break. Come and see me if you have any problem, don't procrastinate.

Mother Goose Eva ;-)

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