Homework for Monday January 28th


from:García, Eva

to:Intermediate Spanish I - SP 201-1C, Spring 2019

Time Jan. 23, 2019

1) Study the document about the Pretérito Indefinido you can find on another message here inThinkwave.

2) Those who did not come on Wednesday 23rd, please check the corrections from your classmates and prepare the little presentation described in point 3 for everybody.

3) Choose a famous singer from you country (an old icon that everybody knows in your country, maybe from your parents or your grandparents' time). Find a youtube video with your favorite song by him or her (we saw Chavela Vargas, from México, in class today). Prepare a one paragraph biography about this person using the pretérito indefinido and learn it by heart (it will be something very short, so I know that you can do it, but you can have with you some notes showing key words on a paper, if you don't feel confident enough). Also, tell us what the song is about (in one sentence or two). Remember I love mistakes, don't worry too much, the most important thing is communicating yourself (and you can make it).


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