Homework for Wednesday February 6th and VERY IMPORTANT REMINDERS


from:García, Eva

to:Elementary Spanish II - SP 102-1C, Spring 2019

Time Feb. 04, 2019

Dear students,

Here you have some IMPORTANT REMINDERS, and your HOMEWORK for next day.


-According to the syllabus, next Monday February 11th, you will have to hand in your JOURNAL (review the instructions on the syllabus). You are already late if you have not begun, because you were supposed to write at least ten posts from ten different days.

-Those of you who are already in touch with your language exchanges, begin to work with them this week, or you will not have time to get the 10 sessions (or at least 5) for the end of the semester. It is too easy to do and too convenient for your final grade not to take advantage of it. Remember to check the English and Spanish professors in the professors' room, so that you sign up before and after the exchange.


-In class today, we corrected the homework from previous week, and we reviewed the irregular verbs learned for the moment, organizing them in several groups, depending on their irregularities:

  1. Hacer, salir, conocer, ver.
  2. Tener, venir.
  3. Querer.
  4. Ir.
  5. Ser.

Then we learned these new patterns:

  1. Despertarse (this is not new, it is like "querer", although it is reflexive, and it ends by "ar" instead of "er").
  2. Vestirse (reflexive, and "e" changes into "i")
  3. Acostarse, dormirse (both reflexive, "o" changes into "ue").
  4. Jugar (non reflexive, "u" changes into "ue")

I asked the students to conjugate these last four verbs at home, according to what we learned in class. And also, since we covered exercise 4 on page 74 in class, I asked them to complete exercise 10 on page 152.

An example for that exercise would be "Santi se despierta a las 8:00 de la mañana". Please, do the same with the rest of the times in that exercise. Maybe, you will need more vocabulary like "desayunar", "ducharse", "lavarse los dientes", "comer", "cenar" (they are all regular, but notice some are reflexive). We covered that vocabulary in class (and we reviewed "ir a clase", "estudiar", "salir con amigos", because we have covered it before), so please ask your classmates to help you with that.

And remember my office hours are Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:50, I will always be there for you (or Tuesdays and Thursdays at the same time, but just if you have a good reason not to come the days I mentioned before, and it should be arranged by appointment or I will not be there).

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