Homework for Tuesday February 12th and IMPORTANT REMINDERS


from:García, Eva

to:Elementary Spanish II - SP 102-2C, Spring 2019

Dear students,


1) I am attaching two documents with all the most important patterns for the Present Tense conjugation in Spanish (one has examples and tables to fill in once and once following the pattern until you can memorize them, and the other one has the answers). Don't fill in tha tables for the patters we have not studied yet, focus on those we have already covered in class ("-go" for "yo", "zc" for "yo", "e" changing into "ie","e" changing into "i", "o" changing into "ue", "u" changing into "ue", and verbs combining several changes like "tener"). You do not have to hand in anything, but it is very important to learn the conjugation

2) Please, work on your journal (the instructions are on the syllabus, page 5, "fieldwork assignment 1) The dealine is TUESDAY 12TH!!!!! and you have to type it and staple it.


1) Please, check your syllabus, page 9. There you will find all the assignments (several little tests) you have to take from now to the Midterm exams week (DON'T MISS ANY TEST, YOU CANNOT MAKE THEM UP UNLESS YOU ARE SICK AND YOU PROVIDE SOME DOCTOR´S DOCUMENTATION TO PROVE IT).

2) Before next Saturday, I will upload to Thinkwave some documents that will help you to prepare those tests. For the moment, review everything we have covered in class.

Have a nice weekend,

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