Homework for Monday March 11th


from:García, Eva

to:Intermediate Spanish I - SP 201-1C, Spring 2019

Time March 10, 2019

Dear students,

I apology for my delay. I hope those of you who did not come to class last Monday had the chance to ask other students about your homework, but if you did not maybe you trusted on this message that did not arrive. I am sorry, for some reason it did not work and I have just realized. Of course, I will not have it into account tomorrow, but if you have half an hour to accomplish these exercises it would be great.

In class, we worked on the "presente continuo", on pages 59 and 63, and some "polite questions" on pages 64 and 146 (those about the difference between "dejar" y "dar"). Then we began to work about more complex things: courtesy questions like "¿le importa abrirme la puerta, por favor?", "¿te importaría hablar más bajo?" and others on page 63. I asked the students to complete exercise 9 on page 66 in order to practice that. It is not easy, the context, the age, the "effort" we are asking for... are things you need to have into account to imagine what you would say in each case. Just try and I will help you in class.

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