Homework for Monday April 1st and Wednesday April 3rd


from:García, Eva

to:Intermediate Spanish I - SP 201-1C, Spring 2019

Time March 27, 2019

Monday 1st

  • Page 163, exercise 4
  • Page 165, exercise 9
  • Prepare the song "Y nos dieron las diez" that you can find in the previous message. Look for the words you don't understand, I will ask you about the story in class and we will practice with it.

Wednesday 3rd

  • Video for extra credits. I sent you by email the video we saw in class. Yours will be shorter, of course, but it is a good example. Also, you can find the following instructions in that email (I am copying and pasting):

As I told you in class today, you are invited to film and edit a video showing how to cook a recipe. It is not mandatory, but you could improve in 5 points the grade of your worst test in this semester.  The more vocabulary and grammar contents from lesson 7 you use, the better.
LENGTH: Around 2-3 minutes.
DEADLINE: Wednesday, April 3rd.
OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Edit your video a little bit  when it is necessary (you are not Pedro Almodóvar, but I am sure you can do a decent job with the easy programs you can find in your laptop). Don't read during the video, memorize your lines. If you do it in groups, everybody in the team has to speak.
SUGGESTIONS: Include other contents we have covered in class, so that you can practice (maybe the members of the group have small conversations about other things while they are cooking, etcetera). Ask for some advice to Spanish students... and have fun!!!! It does not need to be serious, you can make up a crazy recipe, or it can be something real. We are going to watch the videos together in class, and we will chose the best cooks, who will receive a little prize.
I am attaching the video we studied in class (this time with subtitles), just in case it helps you to remember some expressions or inspire yourself (but it is longer that yours: 5 minutes)
¡A cocinar!

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