Information for TESTS 2

from:García, Eva

to:Elementary Spanish II - SP 102-1C, Spring 2019, Elementary Spanish II - SP 102-2C, Spring 2019

Dear students,

Here you will find some information about the TESTS 2. Please, make the last effort. I know you are very tired and looking forward to have a break and travelling, or even going back home. There is only one lesson left (we will cover it in the two next classes), and you are done. After Easter, we will just take tests and review. Please, begin to prepare the tests right now, so that you have time to do a good job and improve your grade. You can make it!!!!

COMPOSITION: You will have to answer a letter "from your mother" that I will give you. Review as much as you can, but focus on ways on describing people (name, university, age, etcetera), and lessons 4, 7, 8, and 9.

REDING AND LISTENING TEST: Focus on lessons 8 and 9

ORAL PRESENTATION: The instructions are attached (it is not something you can do the night before, begin today).

GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY TEST: A document with information and examples is attached.


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