Defender Group Projects quiz

from:Reher, Guillermo

to:Intro. to International Studies - IST 100-1C, Spring 2020, Intro. to International Studies - IST 100-2C , Spring 2020

Time April 24, 2020

Hello all (1C, 2C and Team USA). I have uploaded to the shared folder all the group projects from your class. Important: Team USA members have been invited to see these folders, so they can also study. As you know, on April 30th we will have our final quiz, and this quiz is also made extensive to Team USA, though they will do it at a different time (4:30 CET).

The job with the projects goes from decent to poor. Especially confused you seemed with the idea of making a video presentation. Some are decent, others are not. In any case, all the materials sent (videos, ppt, paper) have been shared, for all to see and judge. Hopefully people will be able to access the contents without a problem.

I do appreciate the effort you have put in this, and understand it can be a bit overwhelming to learn to do so many things at once, but this is important for your skills development, and you should see it as a boon.

If your project has not been uploaded it is because a) I have not received it or b) it got lost in the mail. Make sure to contact me if you do not see your work up there.

I hope you are all safe. See you on the 30th.

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