Defender group project grades and quiz

from:Reher, Guillermo

to:Intro. to International Studies - IST 100-1C, Spring 2020, Intro. to International Studies - IST 100-2C , Spring 2020

Time May 06, 2020

All the grades for the last two categories have been uploaded. Surprisingly, many of you have failed to do a decent quiz. I truly stressed that you should display your knowledge, but some of you opted for rather succinct responses, which do not help your grade.

Regarding the defender project, which was worth 20% of the final grade, I would like to paste here a particularly important section of the guidelines document I provided you with. Here it is:

"The paper is 50% of the final Group Project grade.

  • 25% for the number, quality and appropriateness of the sources used.
  • 15% for the inclusion of figures, especially if done by the group itself.
  • 10% for complying with the subject manner and length."

None of the groups have decided to benefit from that middle 15%. Deans and education experts stress how important it is to create rubrics so that students know better how to comply with assignment requirements. However, when this very basic information is provided, none of you read it, or fail to consider it important. The consequence of this would have been that the highest grade would have been 85%. However, seeing that you have all failed to deliver, I have decided to lower the bar because, after all, this assignment is worth significantly more. But I want you to pause for a moment, to realize how your teacher, on this occassion, has been lenient with your carelessness. I could be offended, even upset by it ("why do I provide guidelines if they don't pay attention?"), but I have decided to let it go. Then again, I have only done this because NO ONE has done it. Had one group done it, then I would have had no option. But this was not the case, so I have just eliminated that evaluation criterion, so that the old 85% is the new 100%. But beware, because professors do not normally take lightly to these mistakes.

That's all for now. You will have the final grades in just a few days.


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