Your homework for Monday 28th

from:García, Eva

to:Intermediate Spanish I - SP 201-1C, Fall 2020

Time Sept. 24, 2020

Your homework! (this time, basically studying):

1) Review the contents for lesson 1 (I wrote an outline on the whiteboard last class, do you remember?) Please, don't procrastinate, it is impossible to memorize all these things the day before the tests. And be self-demanding when you study. If you don't understand something, I will be pleased to help you. Remember you can read my correcciones for the padlet exercise in the comments section of each post (

2) Review the present tense with the documents I uploaded to Thinkwave some days ago.

3) Email me the sentences you wrote in groups (the exercise where you talked about music, history, geography... and you made up a lie).

4) Review the pretérito indefinido with the document you will find here:  (for some reason, Thinkwave does not allow me to upload files since yesterday, so I have decided to upload it to my drive and share it with you)

4) Go on practicing the pretérito indefinido with:


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