Grades for fieldwork assignment

from:GarcĂ­a, Eva

to:Intermediate Spanish I - SP 201-1C, Fall 2020

Time Oct. 11, 2020

Dear all,

You can find my corrections to your fieldwork assignment 1 in the comment to your own post. Please, read them carefully (not only yours, but your classmates' too), the tests are coming and everything can help you to improve.

Also, the grade is already uploaded in Thinkwave. If you check the comments to your grade you will find some numbers organized in this way x/y/z/a/b/c. They represent the grades for the values indicated in the rubric for this assigment. You can check the rubric in my instructions post in the blog, but they were basically:

Points for picture (max 20) / Originality (max 5) / Variety (max 25) / Linguistic accuracy (max 25) / Organization (max 25)

Also, I commented your posts about the "web de contactos" with fake characters that you have uploaded for the moment (I will check them again on Tuesday afternoon, in case you added more). They were really hilarious, I have laughed a lot, thank you guys :-)

Have a nice weekend,


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