Extra-credit opportunities


from:Reher, Guillermo

to:The New Europe - IST 215 - 1C, Fall 2020

Time Nov. 03, 2020

As discussed in class today, there are two opportunities I am giving you to improve your grades:

A) On December 17th at 10 am, you have 2 hours to re-take any of the three quizzes, or the mid-term exam, or all. All you have to do is show up on that day in class. Please don't make me waste my time, so make sure you will improve your grade if you show up.

B) Starting this Thursday, am I giving you guys up to 20 minutes to show something in class and do a presentation about how it is relevant to Europe today. Ideally, it will be a video, but it can also be news, a chart or anything, that can serve as a way of understanding the processes and tensions affecting Europe today. This must be a decent presentation, and it needs to be prepared (no reading from the phone, for example), very much in the spirit of how I comment on the news you share in class, but tying it in to the wider perspective. To participate in this you need to send me an e-mail saying what it is you want to share, and I will allow each one of you to do so at the beginning of each class. This is an extra-credit opportunity I'm giving to students with lower grades, so I reserve the right to refuse your presentation if I feel you don't need the credit. This Thursday it would be great if we could fit one in, so consider giving this idea a push right now!

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