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Time Sept. 29, 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

Known throughout the world as a leader in quality arts education, Interlochen serves a culturally diverse student body of international young artists from every walk of life and at every artistic level.

Interlochen offers programs from 1-6 weeks for students in grades 3 to 12 interested in music, dance, film, visual arts, theatre, and creative writing. Each year, thanks to generous merit scholarships and need-based financial aid, they are able to connect bright and talented students with expert fine arts instructors to work, live, and learn together in a community of like-minded artists.

The Arts Camp application will open 1 October 2019 and the priority application deadline is 15 January 2020.

For more information and to register, please copy the link below and paste in a new browser:


Wishing you the best of luck on your career,

Ms. Injy El-Kashef

College Counselor

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