Young entrepreneur competition


to:Grade 9B, Grade 9A, Grade 10A, Grade 10B, Grade 11A, Grade 11B, Grade 12A, Grade 12B, Grade 9C, Grade 11C, Grade 12C, Grade 10C, Grade 10D

Time Dec. 10, 2019

files: ESLSCA Young Entrepreneur.pdf

Dear Student,

ESLSCA University is hosting a Young Entrepreneurs competition!

You will learn everything about entrepreneurship: how to start your own business, beginning with ideation, innovating this idea, doing a market research to make sure that this idea fits the Egyptian market, etc… until you pitch your products and services in front of business owners. The winners will get to travel to an entrepreneurship conference outside Egypt and receive an amount of money to start their business.

This is the competition’s 4th year. Previously, G9-G12 students created a GPS called "Tameni" to track the speed and location of school busses for parents and schools. Students won in Egypt then traveled to Oman and won there as well; then they travelled to Austria and won again! When they returned to Cairo they sold their app for good money.

You don't have to be an "A" student or to have taken a business class to join -- just being passionate, interested and dedicated is more than enough. The competition boot camp is next weekend, on 13-14 December, then there will be sessions where you start working on your products and services to be ready for the final competition in March.

If your parents approve, and you are sure that you can commit to the competition's 2-hour sessions every week for 3 months, send an email to Ms. Injy El-Kashef at: 

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