to:Grade 12A, Grade 12B, Grade 12C

Time March 29, 2020

Dear Seniors,

Mr Mahmoud has informed me that some of you have asked how to obtain a recommendation letter in the current situation. 

As is clear from the circumstances around the world due to Covid-19, everything is being done electronically. This will include recommendation letters. Accordingly, this is the process to follow:

-If the university you are applying to absolutely requests a recommendation letter, you will inform Mr Mahmoud of three things: 1) the name of the teacher you need it from, 2) the name of the university 3) the email that the letter is to be sent to at the university.

-Mr Mahmoud will inform the teacher and provide him/her with the name of the university. 

-If the teacher believes that you have earned this letter and agrees to write one for you, he/she will address the recommendation letter to that specific university and then email it to me. Mr Mahmoud will have provided me with the university email that you gave him. 

-If the teacher does not believe that you have earned this letter and refuses to write one for you, he/she will inform Mr Mahmoud or communicate with you directly. It is up to the teacher. 

-Once I receive the letter from the teacher, I will process it and email it to the university in my capacity as your College Counselor. 

Having said that, I would like to stress that the current e-learning situation is making your teachers work much harder than in the classrooms, so please do not add to their workload unless you absolutely have to. 

Good luck to you all and stay safe.

Ms. Injy El-Kashef

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