to:All Students

Time Aug. 22, 2014

Parents, you can check your students grades 24/7 via Thinkwave. Not only their grades, but what they have earned in every assignment. If you have any questions or concerns, please drop in and see me. I will be glad help anyway I can.

Classroom Rules

1. No eating in class.
2. No drinking, except water.
3. Be respectful to all others.

Assignment Rules

1. Late work will be made up during break, lunch, study hall, P.E., or any other extra curricular activity.
2. Late work will lose 10% of their value each day late.
3. Any work turned in without a name, date, subject will lose 10% of their value.
4. All work, (except tests and quizzes) may be redone for 100%.
5. Grades are weighted 1/3 homework, 1/3 classwork, and 1/3 tests or quizzes.

Generally I am able to update grades every couple days. Please remind students they can redo their work, (except tests and quizzes) for 100%.  Only a small percentage of students take advantage of this. Any work they want to redo should be done within a week of it being handed back to them. Work that is redone must have the 'original' assignment stapled to new, (redone) work.

I rarely offer extra credit, so students should not rely on that to raise their grades. It is more important for students to complete their assignments, and then redo the work if the grade they earned is low. Encourage them to turn in their work even if it is only partially completed. It is better to earn 10 out of 20 then a 0 out of 20 because they chose not to turn in an assignment that was not completed.

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