Understanding theology is a personal journey.


from:Green, Walter

to:All Students

Time Sept. 11, 2014

As one explore theology at any level, one can never forget that culture, gender, ethnic group, and other vital information that effects one's life will shape their views. Even though we all read the same scared scriptures, we all have many views on these scriptures as a result of our environment, parental teaching, exposure, and life experiences. 

The great lesson of theology is exploring why beleive what we believe; exploring how others have come to believe what they believe; and to expeience God in a personal way that it shapes what we beleive. We can not afford to discount others view of God, no matter how it differ from our own, but encourage others to wrestle with their beliefs that they are assured of the truth of what God would have us to know and experience.

In a mutlicultural world, with a many views, the challenge for all us is to come to place where we can find our foundational truths that become the ground for which we stand on what we beleive. 

Our theological views are shaped by scripture, tragitions, reason, and experience. We must realize that it all begin with the scared text, and from there we come to believe what we believe, and we filter the scriptures through our lenses of culture, traditions, reasoning, and experiences. 

Theology is a journey, and an exciting one for each of us. Allow yourself to know God, and become personal in your reflection, and development of your views.


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