The Need for Theological Education

from:Green, Walter

to:All Students

Time Sept. 18, 2014

The Need for Theological Education

Often we hear persons who claim a called to ministry used the great excuse that "God will prepare me." "God will teach me through my personal study of the Bible what I need to know to serve the people of God." However, we forget that before Jesus sent out his disciples, he taught them for three years. We forget that Paul was a Pharisee, and study under the most brillant minds of his time. The time of preparation was critical in living out the ministry obligation each them we called to honor.

In our fast moving and complex society, today we are faced with issues and concerns that often the preacher or the ministry is not equipped to handle, So often we find ourselves giving bad advice in the name of the Lord, because we are ill equipped to deal with the situation. When many people are dealing with Post Traumic Stress, Drepression, Mental Illness, and other life concerns, the preacher must have the skills to serve the congregation. The challenge of economic concerns, and the changes in the banking industry - we need to be equipped to give proper direction.

No longer are we a farming community, and things are not as simple as they were. With technology and other advancements, we are challenged to address concerns in the church with greater insight. 

We live in a time when Spirituality means almost anything goes. No longer we find this modern generation accepting the Biblical truth without having speak directly to their issues. We see everyday the present of the occult, cults, and mis-guided religious leaders hurting the church. Theological Education opens the minds of the called person to know how find truth in their study. Theological Eduaction helps to enhance the knowledge that was has gain from the study of the Bible to empower the people of God. Theological Education seeks to expand the Biblical exerpience that one share truth in multiple ways.

The Bible tells us that people perish from a lack of knowledge, Theological Education helps one to develop the knolwdge they need to serve the church, and the community. I often say "when it come to our bodies we seek the best trained doctors, but when it comes to our souls - anybody will do."  Theological Education is helping the call person celebrate the calling through advanceing their thinking, and enhancing their relationship with God.

God honored you with his call on your life; now Honor God by making the best of that calling through being equipped to serve,

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