Math NEWS 1/12/16

from:Webb, Sayra

to:All Students

Time Jan. 12, 2016

Dear Parents, Happy Math New Year! New math textbooks were assigned before the holidays with little fanfare. The students are still getting used to the idea of writing answers outside the books. We recently tested concepts to be sure all students were working in the correct books and will carry on as usual with the following information to be utilized: Textbook lessons: Each unit in the textbook contains example problems making it a teaching unit. Students will work through these problems and complete all practices to take the practice test and review at the end of each unit. Workbook Exercises will be assigned on an as needed basis for home practice. Scores on unit practices and reviews must be 90% or higher to maintain the ability to progress. Assessments will be administered as needed to move students to progress as a faster pace. If a student scores less than 90% on an assessment, review lessons will be assigned on problem areas. After the work on those areas is completed in a satisfactory manner, the student will be assessed again. Scores of 90% or higher will be required to stay on level. Class lessons will focus on errors made in daily work with Morning Jumpstarts used to teach new concepts and practice facts in mental math. Mental math will be assessed each week as fast practice. Students are encouraged to try to compete with their own scores only not each other’s. Please remember, that new math concepts are demonstrated first thing each morning (from 8:16 to 8:25). If your child is late, reteaching is offered during free time. Studnets really learn less if play time is taken for math lessons. So try to be on time daily at 8:15. Thanks, Math Elementary Teachers P.S. Please respond to Khan Academy requests for student passwords sent 1/11/16, for accounts that will improve skills.

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