"Exploring Art" Homework due this Thursday


from:Nilo, Jessie

to:Visual Art

Time Oct. 07, 2014

Hello, Exploring Art students!

Parents, please read.

In October we are studying Photography and learning the 6 Elements of Design!

Remember to bring your *FULLY CHARGED* digital camera to class this Thursday so we can shoot our "6 Elements" photos during class Thursday afternoon.

Also bring your flash drive to class, loaded with your photography homework. This flash drive can be the same one you use for other classes, too. You need to create 6 folders on it under "Photography" called: Line, value, color, shape, space, texture. Then choose 2 of them to start shooting, if you haven't already. This Thursday you'll need to have 2 *completed* folders on your flash drive, any 2, with each folder containing 25+ photos that represent that element to you. 2 of 6 completed folders are due 10/9/14. For all due dates, see attachment.

Parents: Please show your student how to transfer their photos from their camera to their flash drive, before Thursday! Also parents: Make sure to back up your student's photos on your computer, because kids who lose their flash drives are sad. (They are sad because I make them start over on the project!) 

Students: I will look at your flash drive during class 10/9 and will help you create your 6 folders on your flash drive if you don't know how, but you must sort your photos into the folders on your own time. (That is homework stuff, not classwork.)

Thanks! Looking forward to Thursday!
Mrs. Nilo

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