Quiz on Tuesday and a reminder that your projects are due.


from:Dixon, Thomas

to:All Students

Time Jan. 18, 2015

Hello students,

1. Please correct a typo in your Chapter 5-Part 1 handout. The second "oceans" in "Do converted landscapes and oceans exert identical stressors on habitat patches and oceans, respectively?" should be changed to "islands."

Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. 

2. It's important that everyone completes all assigned reading prior to class in order for discussions to be productive. To encourage completion, starting Tuesday,1/20, we will begin every class with a short quiz covering material from the reading assignments.

In general, quizzes will assess your ability to identify the main idea of each section assigned. If you read something and feel like you don't have a solid understanding of the "big picture," please email or ask questions at the beginning of class, so I can try to clarify things for you.

Before Tuesday, please read:
Box 5.1 (pg. 92)
5.3.1 (pg. 93-94)
5.3.2 (pg. 94-95)

Thanks- see you all Tuesday,


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