from:Alderman, Kurt


Time Sept. 16, 2016

I can only say that I'm fired up about being in class again!  I have lots of great projects for class this year and I'm really excited about that.  I forgot to mention in class yesterday that we have another special project that we will be tackling this year which revolves around a new relationship we have with Eagle Magazine.  The details are still somewhat sketchy because there are some meetings coming up that will better define what we will be doing.  However I can, in broad terms, tell you that our class will be working in conjunction to cover various events in the city of Eagle, and we will be published.  What that essentially means to students is that there is an opportunity to get photo credits in the magazine which you will forever be able to list on your resumes!  There will be more details to follow.

This is also a quick reminder that homework is due next Thursday.  Students need to:
Have a parent/guardian read and sign the syllabus
Purchase and download the textbooks and memory cards
Read chapter 1 of The Textbook of Digital Photography, Third Edition and be prepared to discuss and ask questions in class next week.  

Thanks to everyone who signed up for photography class!  I'm truly looking forward to a great year!


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