Music History: Final Project Guidelines

from:King, Sean Ryan

to:Hist. American Music, A

Time Feb. 29, 2012

Write a 2-4 page (double-spaced) paper on one musical act, be it band or solo artist.  You must explain the following using your best spelling and grammar:

(1) Which genre or genres this artist is in, including a definition of the genre or genres (2+ sentences)

(2) The origins of that artist or band, including the reported meaning of their name (3+ sentences)

(3) Describe three musical, philosophical, or historical influences on that artist (6+ sentences)

(4) Write verses from one song of that artist and describe the meaning of that song in detail, focusing on individual verses (8+ sentences)

(5) The importance of this artist or band, either to music history or your own personal history (5+ sentences)

Citing sources: You can and should cite sources for your information.  You can quote or paraphrase, but do not take any information or use anybody’s words without citing the source.  For this assignment, all you need to do to cite the source is put the book or website you got the information from in parenthesis after the citation.  For example, ( or (The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien).  You are required to use TWO sources, though I would recommend using more.

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