from:King, Sean Ryan

to:Language-HS, Level 4

Time March 23, 2012

Remember: Your first draft of your cover letter MUST be completed for Monday.  The format of the cover letter is:


Dean of Admissions

Harvard University

Cambridge, MA

Paragraph One: Write a strong opening that catches the reader's interest, and then talk about yourself: your values, goals, etc.

Paragraph Two: Write about a major influence in your life and how it shaped who you are

Paragraph Three: Write about a major challenge in your life and how you overcame it

Paragraph Four: Write about why you want to go to Harvard University specifically and how it will help you achieve your goals.


-Your Name

You will be graded on: Length (500-600 words; 2 pts), Format (1 point), Creative Opening (1 point), Spelling and Grammar (2 points), having a first, second, and final draft (2 pts), typed 3rd draft (1pt), and if you include all four paragraphs (4 points)

Good Luck and Write Your Best!

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