from:King, Sean Ryan

to:12 Language

Time April 19, 2012

Phone Number

Objective: One sentence saying what you want to do for a job and why you want this job

Summary: A two-sentence explanation of who you are and why you are qualified for the job (your skills and attributes)
Work Experience (list 3 to 5 jobs)
Name of Business  City and Country where the Business is
Your job title  Month/Year you started- Month/Year youfinished
A one-paragraph description of the specific things you did in this job, including the responsibilities you had and your major accomplishments/results
Education (list 2 to 4 degrees from High School Diploma, Bachelor´s Degree, Master´s Degree, or Doctorate)
Name of school or college City and College
Name of your degree Month/Year started- Month/Year finished
A one-paragraph description of what you studied in college and what skills you gained, including extracurricular activities and responsibilities (sports, student governtment, etc)
Volunteer Experiences (2 to 3 experiences)
Name of Organization  Place where the Organization is
Your role in organization  Month/Year started- Month/Year finished
Additional Skills (2 to 5 relevant skills)
Write a list of relevant skills, such as computer skills or languages, not otherwise included in the resume
References (3 people who potential employers can call to check your background)
Name of Person Phone Number That person´s relation to you (Example: supervisor)
1. This is a resume for yourself 10 years in the future, so remember to use past tense for all jobs

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