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World History: Information about Yourself

TimeJune 20, 2012

from:King, Sean Ryan

to:All Students

Name: _________________
Age/Gender: ______/__________
Religion (Sunni or Shi’a): _______________
Home Country: ________________
Occupation: ___________________
Hobbies: _____________________
Describe your personality in 3 words: _____________________________________
Create THREE family members, their ages, relation to you, and occupations.
(example: Amber al-Nur, 12, my daughter; a Middle School student)

Where is your country?  What does it BORDER?
What is the CLIMATE of your country like?
What important rivers, mountains, or buildings are in your country?
What is the official LANGUAGE of your country?
What is the population of your country?
What CITY (or village) are you from?
What is one INTERESTING  FACT about your country?
Write down the BOOK, AUTHOR, and PAGE NUMBER you get your information from (Africa, Salter, 143).