Personality Analysis Paper

from:King, Sean Ryan

to:11 Psychology

Time June 21, 2012

Okay, mi estudiantes- here are the requirements for the Personality Analysis Paper:

For TUESDAY, you will need to have finished the FIRST DRAFT of a TYPED, DOUBLE-SPACED essay describing the personality of one person you chose to observe. 
Introduction: Describe your subject and why you chose this person (2 points)
Describe Early Psychology and detail the person’s primary HUMOR and CHAKRA and why you think this (2 points)
Describe Freud’s ideas of psychosexual development and detail the person’s PSYCHOSEXUAL stage (oral and anal) and why you think this: 2 points
Describe Jungian personality analysis and detail the person’s Briggs-Meyer Type (INTJ, ESFP, etc) and why you think this: 2 points
Conclusion: Your overall thoughts about this person and feelings about personality analysis in psychology (2 points)
Format: written in a scientific way with a code-name or initials and EVIDENCE is given for each conclusión (2 points)
Length (650 words or more): 2 points
Spelling and Grammar: 2 points
Attached OBSERVATIONS and FIRST DRAFT: 2 points
Total: 18 points (-1 point for each day it is late)

Good luck and remember...Observe and Think!

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