General Guidelines for VLE

from:Chua, Charlene, KIS2

to:Year 10A Literature, Year 10B Literature, Year 10C Literature, Year 10D Literature, Year 11A Literature, Year 11B Literature, Year 12A Literature, Year 12B Literature, Year 9B Literature, Year 9C Literature, Year 9D Literature

Time March 20, 2020

To my Literature classes, pls. be guided accordingly.

1. Thinkwave: ensure you have access. All the work will be posted there. Use MS Word to make it easier for on both sides. Submit work here, or else I will put a ZERO. Late? Minus points. Cheating/Copied work? ZERO. No work for one (1) week? ZERO.

2. Class schedule: Please follow the regular  so that we respect everyone’s time. Use the time wisely to do your work and ask questions.

3. Whatsapp: Each class will have its own group- ex. 9D Literature. Teacher informs the class of: Uploaded work, scores, relevant info.
Students: Pls. send me a Whatsapp message like: “T. Charlene I’ve posted my work on Thinkwave” or “Pls. check Thinkwave, work done.”

4. You are encouraged to open a Gmail account- get one (1) and it’s free! Access YouTube (common lectures/questions will be uploaded here), Google Drive (common files will be uploaded here). Google Classroom- each class will have their own code, stay in your group. Common files and materials will be uploaded here, comments/questions can be made here. NO WORK WILL BE SUBMITTED HERE. Google Hangouts- for consultation only during your class time. If you want to talk outside of your class time, pls. send me a WhatsApp message first. This one is tentative and may be subjected to changes as the class agrees or otherwise.

Thank you.

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