from:McSwain, Emily

to:English, 10B

Time March 22, 2012

RP DUE MAY 26 /For Saturday May 12: It is recommended that you finish your outline. /For Wed May 9: FINISH 125 NOTECARDS! /For Tues May 8: WORK ON NOTECARDS! /For Wed May 2: study for quiz and work on notecards! /For Tues May 1: Finish questions from Saturday and work on notecards. /For Sat Apr 28: 25 notecards due. Also, finish haikus. /For Thurs Apr 26: finish tanka poem about emotion, and work on notecards! Also, poem in your pocket day! /For Wed Apr 25: work on notecards! /For Tuesday Apr 24: finish annotated bibliography. /For Saturday Apr 21: Study for African Lit test. /For Thurs Apr 19: finish reading about Rwanda and answering questions /For Wed Apr 18: read excerpt from novel -Weep No More- and answer questions 2-8 /For Thurs Apr 12: Read "The Trees" and "Saturday" and answer the questions. /For Wed April 11: finish questions and reading "A Handful of Dates" and FINISH BIBLIOGRAPHY CARDS /For Tues April 10th: finish reading folk tales and answering questions /For Thurs Apr 5: STUDY for test! /For Wed Apr 4: Read "The Invitation" /For Tues Apr 3: finish "The World" and write a paragraph explaining it /For Saturday Mar 31: illustrate your assigned stanza of "The Art of Poetry" on paper and with colors. PICK RESEARCH PAPER TOPIC. /For Thurs Mar 29: Read next Borges poem and write a paragraph about what you think is important about it /For Wed Mar 28: Read "That One" and write a paragraph about why the author uses the repetition of "and". /For Tues Mar 27: read "I'll Explain Some Things" and write notes on the word choice, the themes and motifs, the structure, the rhythm and the punctuation, along with what you think it means overall /For Saturday Mar 24: 6 stanza poem about what you are waiting for

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