from:McSwain, Emily

to:English Track, 11

Time March 22, 2012

/For Saturday May 19: Finish reading "Everyday Use" and answering questions, and finish PROJECT due SATURDAY /For Thurs May 17: finish your stereotype poem and send/For Wed May 16: Choose a paragraph from BWD and write a page explaining why you think it is important. /For Thurs May 10: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ CHAPTERS 1-28. /For Wed May 9: read Ch 26 and be ready for a quiz /For Tues May 8: Finish questions, 23 and 24 and be ready for a quiz. /For Wed May 2: finish questions and reading 18 and read 19. Be ready for a quiz on both! /For Tues May 1: Finish 16 and 17 and be ready for a quiz /For Sat Apr 28: Rough draft due. /For Thurs Apr 26: finish questions from Ch 15 and WORK ON ROUGH DRAFT. Also, poem in your pocket day! /For Wed Apr 25: read 14 and be ready for a quiz. Work on rough draft due Saturday. /For Tues Apr 24: finish Ch 12 and be ready for a quiz. Work on your rough draft due Saturday. /For Saturday Apr 21: finish questions and acrostic from class and read Ch 11. Be ready for a quiz on Chapters 10 and 11 on Saturday. /For Thurs Apr 19: write a paragraph explaining the PURPOSE of Chapter 9 /For Wed Apr 18: finish questions from Ch 8 and read up to p 84 in Ch 9 at "At Christmas dinner" and be ready for a quiz. /For Thurs Apr 12: read through Chapter 7 and be ready for a quiz! /For Thurs Apr 5: read Ch 4 and be ready for a quiz /For Wed Apr 4: Read Ch 1-3 and be ready for a quiz /For Tues Apr 3: be ready to recite poem and finish Ch 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird /For Sat Mar 31: be ready for a vocab quiz on four words of your choice from the packet /For Thurs Mar 29: one page response comparing and contrasting the three dream poems /For Wed Mar 28: write a paragraph analyzing one of the poems we read today ("Life is Fine!", "Madam and her Madam" or "Madam and the Phone Bill") /For Tues Mar 27: read "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" and write a sentence about the structure, the word choice, the rhythm, the structure, and the overall meaning. /For Saturday Mar 24: one page double spaced explaining "Peace" by George Herbert, focusing on two main ways Herbert gets his point across.

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