News Note for Second Semester


to:All Students

Time Jan. 12, 2012


January 11, 2012

Dear Parents,

There are several dates coming up that you need to be aware of:

January 18 and 19 Parent/Teacher Conferences
January 20, 21, 22 Youth Rally at Sunnydale Academy for 8th – 10th students
January 23  In-house field trip
February 4, 5  Pathfinder Lock-in
February 25  Guitar Ensemble at Decatur SDA Church/Bible Achievement
March 14-17  Guitar Ensemble in Springfield
April 7   Education Sabbath
May 6-7  Lego League in Michigan

The Academy is not organizing a group to visit the Youth Rally at Sunnydale Academy, but for parents who wish to attend, Sunnydale provides transportation assistance for drivers who bring students who stay for Academy Day. If you have questions please call or email Erv Bales or K. Kelly at: (573) 682-2164 email: or

I am also planning a field trip to St. Louis in February to visit a luthier for a class in basic care and repair of stringed instruments.  The date has not yet been established so if you would like to participate in this field trip contact me about dates available for you.

As you have probably noticed there was supposed to be a science fair on Sunday: we are changing that to a yet to be determined date closer to the Lego League activity.  The students have projects connected with the Lego League that we want them to be able to share with the school family.

A note to those interested in the group cello lessons: our instructor is a college student so we have to meet on Sundays.  The lessons will be group lessons at the elementary school music room, at 4 p.m. The cost will be $10 per person for each lesson, which will be one hour each.

If you have questions let me know,

Evelyn Hainey

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