Musicianship Level 2 Guidelines

from:King, John

to:Musicianship & Comp, Level 2

Time Sept. 01, 2012

Hello Incoming class.


My name is John King and I look forward to being your Theory and Musicianship teacher for the year!!!

Below is a list of guidelines. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have regarding the class. The best way to contact me (or for your parents to contact me) is through my email address,

Guidelines for Theory and Musicianship level 2.

My grading scheme is:

30% homework
~15% class participation
20% test
20% quizzes
15% interterm composition assignment


There will be 12 homework assignments this semester (2 grace assignments). Each one is due on Wednesday at 8:05 am (at the start of class). So, even if the assignment is finished
in class the week before, it still must be submitted on its due date. I will mark each for completeness and the thoroughness with which it is completed.
I will accept no late assignments (unless there is a note from a parent).

Each homework assignment should take no more than an hour to complete per week. Most will take less than 30 minutes.
I am very strict in how I account for homework. Out of a total of 1000 points for the class, each homework assignment is worth 25.

Similarly, it is required that each student bring the 3 ring binder handed out in class to store his/her papers in. There will be a lot of handouts in class.


To get full marks in participation on a given day,  each student must be seated at his or her seat with his/her 3 ring binder, pen and pencil, weekly planner and homework out (if Wednesday)promptly by 8:05. Also, he or she must wait quietly in line to be taken to the next class. In addition, if I have to ask a student to change his or her behavior more than twice (sometimes once) in a class period, then he or she will lose his or her participation points for the day. A detention will result in the student losing points for the week. Similarly, a student's in-class productivity will have an impact on the participation points received. Out of a total of 1000 for the class, each student can receive up to 4 points in participation each day. As 4 multiplied by 36 gives 144, there will be 6 free points given.

Test and quizzes.

There will be weekly musicianship quizzes. 
Out of a total of 1000 points for the class, each quiz is worth 15 points, the final test is worth 200 points. There are 16 quizzes; the lowest 3 scores will be dropped. As 15 multiplied by 13 gives 195, there will be 5 free points given.

Class time will be divided between 2 activities each day, Musicianship (sight-singing, rhythm work, and dictation) and Theory. Most Quizzes will be Musicianship based.

Interterm Composition Assignment
Out of a total of 1000 points for the class, this assignment, given 3 weeks of class time, will be worth a 150 points. Up to 30 points will be given for successful and timely completion of each of the drafts. The remaining 60 will be given for effort, effectiveness, and presentation in the final draft.

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