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TimeSept. 12, 2012

from:Mattson, Heidi

to:Homeroom, 4th Grade

Dear 4th Grade Parents,

I am pleased to introduce our online assignment system to you. Here you will find long-term projects, tests and quizzes, and weekly homework. The 4th graders will always have their assignments written in their planners and on the white board in the Rose Room as well. 

Our main focus this first month is on learning routines, understanding how to take responsibility for one's own work, and crafting common language to support each other in a learning community. Our first few weeks of homework assignments are designed to ease everyone into a homework schedule that works for all of us. I will provide more information about homework and our curriculum on Friday evening. I look forward to seeing you all there.

We're off to a great start!

Ms. Mattson