from:Matteson, Teale

to:All Students

Time Sept. 06, 2014

Physical Education at The Crowden School with Teale Matteson

PE Units
Basketball (skills only, no games)
Table tennis (time permitting)
Track and field
Balance Awareness/Proprioception
Dance or Martial Arts (if parent/teacher can teach or arrange a class)
Juggling (rainy day activity)
Nutrition and Health Issues—as related to Physical Education
Daily: Running/jogging and Pull-ups Push-ups Sit-ups or Crunches (Core Strength based on Pilates and “Primal Fitness”)

PE Goals
Ensemble/Chamber Music is at the core of a Crowden Education where each voice is vital/essential/imperative to the group; so, too, in PE is every player's participation and teamwork.
Love of learning
Being engaged in the team environment
Teamwork--working together in modes of communication: aural, visual, physical.
Awareness of surroundings—visual, tactile and aural cues
Mutual respect
Increased confidence—being more comfortable in one’s body
Developing leadership—especially 7th and 8th grades
Improved posture and breathing
Street safety
Field trips—Cal athletics, collaborations with other departments, parent suggestions and help walking or driving kids to swimming, e.g.

Contact info, Pacific Soccer Training is also on Facebook
510-418-7148 cell for emergencies or off-campus contact

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