Rem Djemilev's 2018-2019 Violin Class Course Description

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Rem Djemilev’s Violin Technique Class Curriculum 2018-2019 School Year Standards and Requirements • Establish good posture and physical coordination • Develop basic skills for correct pitch placement • The use of first position with different fingering patterns on each string • Bowing patterns on open strings, with simple rhythms, clear bow division, proper arm motion for detached strokes (detache), bowing near the bridge to produce a clear sound (sounding point), string crossings with single bows. • Bow hand exercises to create flexibility • Pizzicato, colle, and martelé may be introduced • Shifting to 3rd position and above may be introduced Examples of Scale Studies • Applebaum Scales for Strings • Whistler Elementary Scales and Bowings • A. Grigorian Scales and Arpeggios • Hrimaly Scale Studies • Sitt Scale Studies Examples of Etudes/Studies • Applebaum String Builder Bk.1, 2 • Applebaum First Position Etudes for Strings • Avsharian Fun with Rhythm • Avsharian Fun with Basics • Doflein Violin Method Bk.1 • Suzuki Bk. 1, 2 ,3, possibly 4 • Whistler First Etude Album for Violin • Wohlfahrt op. 38 Easiest Elementary Method Examples of Musical Repertoire • Applebaum Building Technics with Beautiful Music Bk. 1 , Bk.2 • Barber Solo Pieces for Young Players Bk. 1, Bk.2 • Suzuki Bk.1,2, 3

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