to:7-Physical Science

Time Oct. 04, 2011

Adopt-An-Element - Due on Tuesday October 11

1) Complete an Adopt An Element information sheet. (60% of grade)
You may use a variety of reference sources. Possible ideas are encyclopedias (book
or CD Rom), science encyclopedias, science catalogs, magazines, and/or Internet sites*.
Information sheets must be neat, written in black ink, and contain all the information
requested. You also need to provide a list of your sources on the back of your
information sheet. A minimum of three sources are required.

2) Create an advertisement for your element. (40% of grade)
The advertisement must include the element’s name, symbol, atomic number,
atomic mass, cost, and an advertising slogan that describes one or more of its important
uses. Advertisements must be neat, colorful, and contain all the information listed
above. You may add pictures that relate to your advertisement theme.

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