Disease Paper Due October 12th



Time Oct. 04, 2011

Anatomy and Physiology
Outline for Research Papers
For your research papers on your diseases and illnesses, you will be required to meet the following requirements.  Each part needs to be grammatically correct; points will be deducted from each selection if the grammar is poor and the content is hard to follow.
Part I – Introduction/Background of the disease.  In this section of the paper, describe what disease or illness it is that you are researching.  You also want to tell how the person acquires this illness and what population of people the illness is more common to affect.   This part of the paper is worth 20 points of the total grade.
Part II – Signs and Symptoms.  What are the symptoms of your disease?  What are some of the signs that a person may have this disease?  Is it possible that a person can have your disease but not all the symptoms that can come from it?  You can get up to 10 points for this part.
Part III – Diagnosis of the disease.  What tests do doctors do to find out if a patient has this disease or not?  What are some of the tests that have to be done before a diagnosis can be made?  Are there several tests that have to be done in a particular order in order for a diagnosis to be made?  This part is worth 25 points.
Part IV – Treatments.  What are the treatments that are used in treating this disease?  Are these treatments long or short term?  Is the patient required to have surgery or physical therapy of some sort to help ease some of the discomfort of the disease?  Be sure that you can clearly explain how the treatments are used.  If prescription drugs are part of the treatments, tell me which drugs are used.  25 points can be earned in this part.
Part V – Conclusion/ Wrap up.  This is the part of the paper where you bring the paper to a close.  Recap some of the key points that you made in your paper.  This can be done in a few sentences.  You also can tell about some testing or studies that are currently taking place when it comes to research on your disease.  You can earn 10 points for this section of the paper.
Part VI – Works Cited Page.  On this page, you need to tell which 3 sources you used in researching your disease.  Remember that you can only use 1 source from the Internet; the other sources need to come from books or magazines.  Make sure you correctly document your sources.  This section is worth 10 points.

Anatomy and Physiology Research Paper Grading Sheet
Student’s Name:                                                                                                 
Disease Researched:                                                                                   
Part I – Introduction and Background                                /20
Part II – Signs and Symptoms                                            /10
Part III – Diagnosis                                                               /25
Part IV – Treatments                                                            /25
Part V – Conclusion and Wrap Up                                     /10
Part VI – Works Cited page                                                /10
Total Number of Points                                                        /100  

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