Annual Celebration Festival Final Notice


to:All Students

Time Sept. 20, 2012

Dear Parents/Guardians
     On September 29, & 30, 2012 Optimal will be celebrating its 33rd anniversary. We will be hosting a Youth Festival & Inflatable Fun Park for the children in the community.

     The festival will feature praise dancers, choirs, gospel rappers, singers, comedians and a variety of street vendors. The cost to enter the festival’s performance will be $10.00 for each person (Festival only! Does not include inflatable park unless pre-sell requirement is completed). Optimal is asking each family to sell a minimum of 10 tickets for this event as our annual fall fundraiser totaling $100.00 commitment. Families pre-selling the required tickets will receive unlimited inflatable park wristband that can be used for one day of play (Saturday or Sunday all children in household for one book of tickets).  Ticket money is due Wednesday, September 26, 2012.
This is a mandatory participation fundraiser!
We need your help to make this event a success. We will be offering prizes for first, second and third place listed below. Pick up your tickets today!

First Place $290.00
Second Place$150.00
Third Place $100.00

     Parents may also buy/sell pre-sale tickets and wristbands for the inflatable park at a 50% saving over the day of the event. We highly encourage you to participate in the pre ticket sale if your child or friends will be celebrating at the the inflatable fun park.

     Additionally, this event is a great time to start your service hours. Last year the volunteers had a great time fellowshipping while enjoying this beautiful event. God has really blessed our community with an abundance of talent. There will be a sign-up board in the front office.

     Lastly, we are still looking for talent and vendors for this event. If you or someone you know would like to participate, please see the front office for details..
This is a mandatory fundraiser.

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