to:All Students

Time Jan. 22, 2012

Hey kids....don't let this happen to you!

STUDENT:  You made a mistake on thinkwave.  My writing grade is really bad but I got an A on the blahblahblah assignment!

TEACHER:  You did a GREAT job on the blahblahblah writing assignment.  Unfortunately ... you have not turned in four other writing assignments.  Those four are now earning you zero points each.

STUDENT: What?!   I didn't know those assignments counted!

TEACHER:   Everything counts.  I told you that in September.

STUDENT:  (sad face)  Can I do extra credit?  My mom is really mad about my writing grade.

TEACHER:  I am sorry your mom is mad at you.  You just need to do all of the "required" assignments and I'm sure your average will increase.

STUDENT: Oh.  Okay.

The keys to improved writing:

1. Read a wide variety of things (fiction, nonfiction, magazines, newspapers, etc).

2.  Practice writing.

3.  Turn in your assignments on time.

Please notice "ignore/avoid/forget writing assignments" is not a key to success. 

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