to:All Students

Time April 01, 2012

Just a reminder that each week all graded work is sent home with students in their "Wednesday Folders".  I do keep art and some project items to showcase at Open House.  Other than that, I do not keep any student papers.  Everything is sent home.  Parents, if you are interested in seeing a particular test or assignment and your child has not returned it, please let me know.  Sometimes (especially at this time of year) I get a week or ten days behind in grading and the work stacks up on my desk.  I can let you know if something has not yet been graded and sent home.          

Gomes teachers have noticed that some number of our students throw away or hide certain papers that (apparantly) they do not wish to show to their parents.  I often find these items in the classroom trash and recycling bin... or stuffed into the back of desks.  Rudy, our school janitor, has reported that every Thursday morning he finds MANY Wednesday Folders papers in the trash cans in the student bathrooms. 

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