Welcome Gomes Elementary

It's Not Over Yet

TimeApril 14, 2012

to:All Students

It is unrealistic to expect perfection from people (especially children) all the time.  Mistakes happen.  Things are forgotten.  Stuff gets lost.  Assignments don't always get turned in.  All of us mess up from time to time! 

Having said that...it should also be noted that recently there has been quite a SIGNIFICANT INCREASE in missing assignments. 

Some students (who have been fine students since September) are suddenly "checking out" from their academic responsibilities.  I am seeing a decline in grade averages for several folks.    

We ARE getting close to the end of this school year. That fact is probably fun and exciting for many of you.   

But be alerted....sixth grade is not over yet.  Curriculum and lessons will be covered through the first weeks of June.  

So take a few deep breaths.  Don't quit now.  Pace yourself.  Keep working and moving.  Stay strong.  Stay focused.  The finish line is still about 7 or 8 weeks away.