Lesson Plans 2/22-3/2; Latin II

TimeFeb. 26, 2012

from:Trosclair, Nick

to:All Students

Latin II

FRIDAY 2/24: ORIGINAL CLASS: (1) Relative Pronouns (2) Practicing the Grammar of Relative Pronouns by translating (3) HOMEWORK: Decline Qui, Quae, Quod and Finish Pensum B of Capitulum Octavum.    ADVANCED CLASS: (1) Finish Reading Capitulum Decimum (2) Finish Pensum C (3) HOMEWORK: Finish Pensum B and C

TUESDAY 2/27: ORIGINAL CLASS: ~warm-up: practicing qui, quae, quod ~Grammar: Interrogative Adjectives and Pronouns ~Finish Capitulum and Pensum and A and C ~HOMEWORK: Finish Pensum A and C and Summarize Capitulum Ocatvaum. ADVANCED CLASS: ~Practicing the Infinitive-Accusative Construction ~Working on Pensum ~HOMEWORK: Study for test, finish pensum b, summarize capitulum Decimum

THURSDAY 3/1: ORIGINAL CLASS: ~Reviewing Pensum A of Chpt. 8 ~Practicing Grammar for test via Study Guide ~HOMEWORK: Study for test, finish study guide, re-read chapter 8. ADVANCED: ~Test on Capitulum Decimum