Chapter 15 Revolt of the Maccabees

TimeMarch 02, 2012

from:Trosclair, Tim

to:Theology I

Friday, March, 2
Chapter 15: Revolt of the Maccabees 

1- Review allegorical interpretation of King Cyrus and the return of the remnant.

2- Discuss Old Testament reading for the 3rd Sunday in Lent

3- Assess allegorical interpretation of OT reading

4- Analyze the true fulfillment of the prophets as found in Christ. 

5- Begin Chapter 15 Revolt of the Maccabees


Key Concepts
Good Shepherd (old); Holy of Holies (old); Purgatory (new); Hellenism (new); Martyrdom (new)

Lecture: Review the exile; Overview of the fall of Persia and the rise of Philip of Macedon
Discussion: Analyze and assess the the final desecration of the temple and the success of the Maccabees
1- Keyword outline chapter 15 p. 274-278