Civics Lessons: Monday, March 19 to Friday, March 30

from:Mahan, Danielle

to:Civics & Free Enterp

Time March 18, 2012

**Please note the following changes, due to school's cancelation on 3/21.

Monday, March 19

  • Students present commercials in class for their product(s)

Wednesday, March 21

  • JPG closed

Monday, March 26

  • Market Day!
  • Students buy/sell products in the open market
  • Invite other teachers/students free during this hour to take part in the market

Wednesday, March 28

  • Review market day
  • Stock market review exercise
  • Work with partner to finish last rough draft and set final business plan arrangements
  • Homework: rough draft of financial and management plans

Friday, March 30 – [out at a debate tournament]

  • Due: Rough draft of financial and management plans
  • Ms. Jen is taking this class to work with students, so Civics lesson plans will be on hold until next week.

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