from:Roberts, Kevin

to:All Students

Time March 30, 2012

The test on Wednesday is a major grade for the 4th Quarter (100 points).

There will be three sections:

I. Geography: Use the midterm exam section and the recent quiz to locate the capital cities, rivers, and mountain ranges that we have studied.

II. ID Terms: Of these ten, I will select four that you will need to answer in a single paragraph identifying who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Marxism, New Imperialism, Nationalism, Triple Alliance, Triple Entente, Bolsheviks, Treaty of Versailles, Otto von Bismarck, Queen Victoria, and "trench warfare"

III. Essay Questions: I'll randomly select one of the following questions:

1. One of the most important historical themes to consider is the relationship between the individual and the state--often depicted as being the balance between liberty and order.  This has become particularly important when contemplating the proper role of the state (i.e. "the government") in regulating the economy.  For example, late 19th and Early 20th Century Europe witnessed significant alterations to the traditional ways in which that balance was kept, because the Industrial Revolution, Marxism, and even Romanticism had significant impacts.  Between 1871 amd 1918, which countries were the most important "hot spots" for these alterations in how the state interacted with the individual, especially in economic matters?  Be sure to support your response with a clear thesis, strong evidence, and clear logic.

2. "World War I was inevitable because of the imperialism and nationalism during the period 1871-1918."  Is this statement true?  How so--or not?  Why?   Be sure to support your response with a clear thesis, strong evidence, and clear logic--and keep in mind that inevitability is a high historical and logical standard.

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