Civics Lessons: Monday, April 15 to Tuesday, May 1

from:Mahan, Danielle

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Time April 15, 2012

Monday, April 16

  • Opening writing activity: Plans for the future
  • Return economics vocabulary quiz
  • Return stock market sheets
  • Discuss problems/successes with tracking details
  • Provide midway profit update
  • Begin Personal Finance Discussion
  • Elements of personal finance
  • Homework: Discuss other finance questions with your family
  • Also bring calculators to the next class

Wednesday, April 18

  • Opening writing activity
  • Begin filling out personal finance worksheet
  • Mortgage discussion
  • Enter mortgage rate, payments on worksheet

Monday, April 23

  • Opening writing activity
  • Credit discussion
  • Simulate credit card dilemma
  • Compare/contrast with other forms of borrowing
  • Final independent work on budgeting
  • Worksheet due at the end of class
  • Homework: Read and keyword outline Chapter 20 Section 3: How Governments Spend Their Money OR Read and keyword outline Chapter 21, Section 2: Saving, Borrowing, Buying on Credit (to be determined in class, based on discussion)

Wednesday, April 25

  • Opening writing activity
  • Overview of the budget process
  • Compare/contrast personal and national budget process
  • Assign individual departments to research
  • Hand out worksheet to complete
  • Homework: research individual department to be discussed in class

Friday, April 27

  • Begin presentations on government department funding
  • Should take all class

Monday, April 30

  • Finish presentations on government department funding
  • Worksheet should be complete by the end of class
  • Reflection writing assignment: How would you redesign the federal budget?
  • Work in groups of 4-5 to create agreed upon budget

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