Civics Lessons: Tuesday, May 1 to Tuesday, May 15

from:Mahan, Danielle

to:Civics & Free Enterp

Time April 30, 2012

Wednesday, May 2

  • Opening writing activity
  • Begin presentations on government department funding
  • Should take all class

Monday, May 7

  • Finish presentations on government department funding
  • Worksheet should be complete by the end of class
  • Work on final personal budget numbers and reflection (due Friday, May 11)
  • Reflection writing assignment: Redesigning the federal budget
  • Work in groups of 4-5 to create agreed upon budget

Wednesday, May 9

  • Opening writing activity
  • Begin working on Comparative Government Projects
  • Look at elements from the US government versus those in another nation as a comparison
  • In-class time to work on personal finance reflection writing project

Friday, May 11

  • Distribute CIA World Factbook information to students for each country
  • Review US elements of governmental structure, finance, demographics, etc. for comparison
  • Due: Final personal finance numbers and reflection

Monday, May 14

  • Scenario 1 for country comparison projects
  • Due: country comparison worksheet

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