Lesson PLans to Aug 31

TimeAug. 16, 2012

from:Dennis, Mary

to:Religion, 8th Grade

Thurs, Aug 16:  Hand out texts; discuss class procedures; Lecture on ch. 2.  Define terms page 18. Homework is to read both chapter 1 and 2 and take notes on what you read.

Tues, Aug. 21:  Lecture on Moses and Levitical priesthood, David as prefigurement of Jesus, and importance of Great Commission and Pentecost. HW:  work on study guide questions.

Thursday, Aug 23:  Quiz on chapters 1 and 2.  After quiz, read ch. 3 and define each of the four marks of the Church.  

Friday, Aug. 24:  Apostolic Fathers and church Fathers

Mon, Aug. 27:  standard testing to begin this week.  We continue in chapter 4; specific lesson plans will be determined by testing schedule.  Friday Aug 31 is noon dismissal.