from:Albarado, Kyle

to:Chemistry Section 2

Time Sept. 04, 2012

Tuesday, September, 4
Introduction to Scientific Thinking: Scientific Inference


  1. Define Principle
  2. Explain the two types of inference
  3. Describe the process of inference in natural science

Key Concepts
stages of scientific inference

Use the stages of scientific inference to describe an experiment that would have supported Lavoisier's position on how objects burn. Describe this experiment in your lab book.


Thursday, September, 6
Lesson 1.2: Chemistry Far and Wide


  1. Identify some areas of research affected by chemistry.
  2. Describe some examples of research in chemistry
  3. Distinguish between macroscopic and microscopic views

Key Concepts
scope of chemistry

Analytically read handout from Laviossier.

Outline key concepts from reading.


Friday, September, 7
Socratic Seminar: Laviossier


  1. Identify main contributions from Laviossier
  2. Discuss the role of nomenclature in Laviossier's approach


Write a five-paragraph response paper following discussion.



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