from:Albarado, Kyle

to:Chemistry Section 2

Time Sept. 08, 2012

Tuesday, September, 11

Introduction to Scientific Thinking: Formal Definition of Chemistry


  1. Identify some areas of research affected by chemistry.
  2. Describe some examples of research in chemistry
  3. Distinguish between macroscopic and microscopic views

Key Concepts
scope of chemistry


  • Analytically Read Section 1.4
  • Answer Key Concepts, Know vocabulary

Thursday, September, 13

Lesson 1.4: Problem Solving in Chemistry


  1. Describe general approach to problem solving.
  2. Identify three steps for solving quantitative problems.
  3. Identify two steps for solving conceptual problems.

Key Concepts
quantitative problem solving, conceptual problem solving

Prepare study guide for chapter test 1

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